Essex Bloggers

After tweeting to see if any of my fellow Essex Bloggers would like to do my Essex Blogger Interviews, I had a pretty overwhelming response, if I’m honest!  So overwhelming, in fact, that whilst it was intended to give me some posts I could use when writing my dissertation, I’m going to turn it into an ongoing series!!

In order to carry on the Essex Blog love, I thought it’d be nice to list everyone here – you can click here to read all of the interviews, but below is a list of the interviews, and all of the blogs, for you to have a browse through! (Interviews will be added as they go up!)

Carousel Diary
interview : blog
Lillies and Love
interview : blog
Is That You Darling?
interview : blog
Georgina Goodman
interview : blog
This Something Life
interview : blog
Polly May & The Like
interview : blog
Adventures With Words
interview : blog
Squibb Vicious
interview : blog

If you are an Essex Blogger and would like to take part, give me a shout! You can email me or send me a tweet, and we’ll sort something out! All types of blogs are considered, you don’t need to have a certain number of followers or blog about a certain thing – literally the only requirement is that you’re an Essex Blogger!

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2 thoughts on “Essex Bloggers

  1. Geography Police says:

    To be an Essex Blogger you should at least live in Essex. That would be the area run by Essex County Council. Anyone not living in that area should not qualify.

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