Madison Reed’s Hair-o-Scope

A little while ago, Madison Reed got in touch to ask if I’d be interested in reading my hair-o-scope. On my infinite quest for Good Hair, I said yes, told them my birthday, and they checked my starsigned outlook…


Aries (March 21 – April 20)
It’s no mistake that you’re one of the fire signs, awe-inspiring Aries. Ruled by the planet of energy and the mythological god of war, you were born to be fierce. You shine in the spotlight, and everyone wants you on their team (they certainly don’t want to be your opponent!).

Ha! Probably true… what about my hair though? Maybe not aiming for “sleek and controlled” is where I’m going wrong?! I don’t know, I kind of like bedhead-y, so I’ll probably stick with it. It was sleek and controlled when I first chopped it all off! Maybe my stars have gone wonky 😉

Madison Reed also offer a Color Advisor service over on their website, where I fared much better – the Catania Brown is pretty much the colour I’m aiming for, after accidentally dyeing my hair super dark last time! Napoli Brown is my “best match”, and is lovely.

What’s your hair-o-scope?

Disclaimer* Madison Reed emailed and asked if I’d like to try their hair-o-scope out, but all writing and opinions are my own!


Dead Sleekit

On Twitter last week, I spotted a new little Glasgow-based independent clothing label called Dead Sleekit. After a little nose around the website, I found out that each piece in the new collection is made with fabrics digitally printed with award winning designer Iain MacDonald’s beautiful hand illustrated prints. Not only that, but the entire collection is hand made in Scotland, and is absolutely stunning. These are a few of my favourites from the shop

Nest of Sparrows Co-ord (top £38skirt £40)

Clothing is all made to order, and everything is a limited edition. The prints are absolutely gorgeous (look at this!! *major heart eyes emojis*)

Dead Sleekit are on instagram and twitter, and you can see the whole collection in the lookbook.

Snog Me : Lippy Girl Vegocentric Lipstick from Botanical Brands

Last week, Botanical Brands got in touch to ask if I’d like to review a Vegocentric vegan lipstick* from Lippy Girl, a new brand on their site.

Botanical Brands are an organic and natural beauty store, and represent brands that reflect this. None of the products they sell are tested on animals, and avoid synthetic and chemical ingredients. Founded by ex-model and senior advanced chemistry teacher, Darcey Dieh, Lippy Girl are a Canadian vegan makeup brand, and I’ll admit I was intrigued.

Lippy Girl Vegocentric Lipsticks help create the perfect pucker but naturally. Using organic and wild-crafted natural oils and waxes, and only natural mineral pigments, Lippy Girl Lipsticks are eco-friendly, natural, organic, vegetarian, vegan and animal friendly. They’re made with certified organic Castor Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Carnauba Wax and Shea Butter and are also lead-free, bee-free, gluten-free and chemical-free!

There are twelve colours to choose from, some shimmery and some matt, and all of them are 5g tubes (more than MAC!). I was really tempted by Son of a Brick, but I can’t have any more orange lipsticks. Ha. I chose Snog Me, which looked a more of a pinky-red.


The packaging is really cute, and it’s a nice metal case, rather than a plastic one, so it does *click*. These things are important! I would say though, and I don’t know if its just the formula of the colour I chose, but the lipstick itself it super soft. It got a little bit wiggly when I applied it, and I think in future, I’ll either wind it up the tiniest amount, or use a brush.

The colour is lovely. It’s not at all as dark as it looks, and it’s quite sheer, so for daytime, it’s pretty much the same colour as my lips, and then it builds up to a warm pinky-red. It’s really creamy, and lasts a really, really, long time. I have no idea what this was based on, but I really wasn’t expecting to be as impressed as I was. I stopped buying MAC lipsticks a long time ago because of how much they test on animals (sob), but vegan lipstick is not something I had really ever thought about before.

The Lippy Girl Vegocentric vegan lipsticks are £12.50 each at Botanical Brands in the UK.

Disclaimer** I was sent a lipstick to review by Botanical Brands, but all writing and opinions are always my own!