Weekend Reading

This Weekend Reading is brought to you by four days’ signed off of work, a billion packets of Soothers, and more Vicks vapour rub than one single person should ever need to cover themselves in.  On the plus side, it means lots of things for you to read/look at/listen to. Hooray!

On another note; I need some new blogs to read, because tons of the ones I like are now moved to Tinyletter, so I don’t really have much reading to click about on.  Leave me some recs for book blogs, and blogs where people have enviable houses, and blogs where I can read things that are interesting. Thanks!

Image from weheartit

Image from weheartit

How to be a writer: tips from Rebecca Solnit // What’s your Patronus? Mine is a RED SQUIRREL, ffs. // Comics & graphic novels to look forward to // This Paris Review interview with Lydia Davis was so good // … and the New Yorker with Hari Nef // Which Stranger Things character are you? (Yeah, still on that) // ROALD DAHL TAROT // This, on mindful relationships, is really interesting //

Leave Me a Comment! (Blogger lovelies, please use your Twitter - Wordpress is doing something odd with .blogspot ones! Feel free to leave blog links in the comment though!)

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