July Books


It’s been a pretty hectic month again this month, and I’ve had lots of exciting writing stuff going on!

Sam Slaughter, God In Neon – I’m reviewing this for Necessary Fiction, so I’ll post up a link to my proper review once it’s up, but I really enjoyed this.  It’s very much like reading something like Barry Hannah, so if short stories about desperate Deep South alcoholics are your thing, give this a go.

NoViolet Bulawayo, We Need New Names – So good.  I picked this up last month, and devoured it on my impromptu day off at the country club (so fancy. Ha.)

Becky Chambers, The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet – This is cute and outer-spacey.  It makes me think of Firefly a bit. Which is only ever a good thing.

David Mitchell, Slade House – This one’s kind of a cheat, because I only bought it today, but if I get all my writing work done today, it’s coming to bed with me.

Halo Lit Mag – I’m in here!! There are, I think, a couple of copies of the beaut first issue of Halo available, but you can read it all online too, and their submissions for the next issue are open now.  It’s full of exceptional women writers, and I’m super proud to share pages with them.

Peeps – This was my Stack magazine this month, and I think it’s my favourite so far.  Lots of anthropological essays, travelling all over the world, and exploring all kinds of different lives.  Get your hands on one.

Adriana Cloud, Instructions for Building a Wind Chime – I bought Adriana’s chapbook because her poetry is beautiful, and this is no less so.  It’s a little collection, in a gorgeous little book which flew all the way here from the Poetry Society of America, and I love it.

Perdiz – This was a Sampler issue this month, and I’m really glad I nabbed one.  It’s beautiful, with the stitches showing down the spine and all different paper throughout it.  It’s also bilingual, with every piece appearing in both English and Spanish, so I’m practising my Spanish and learning about #derbykisses at the same time!




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