June Books

I feel like I’ve started a ton of books this month, and then put them down, forgotten I’d started them, and picked up something else.  It’s been a busy month.  Hm. Anyway, here’s what I’ve read/started this month…


Emma Healey, Elizabeth is Missing – I have to just completely restart this one. I’ve heard such great thing about it, so I’m looking forward to actually reading it. Oops.

Margaret Atwood, Moral Disorder – Heart eyes for Margaret forever.  This is more of her short stories, and pretty perfect commute reading.

Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go – I like this so far!  I’ve only read about 50 pages, but I’m enjoying it.  I’d heard mixed things, and I’ve not seen the film, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I really like how it’s written.

Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere – I want to live inside all of Neil Gaiman’s books.  Maybe not in London Below, just the book.  This was so good.  How did it take me until last year to read any Neil Gaiman?!

Jeff Vandermeer, AnnihilationAgain… one I’d forgotten I started.  I’ve actually made quite a dent in this since picking it back up again, and it’s the first of a trilogy.  This is the book Alex Garland’s next film is based around, so I wanted to read the trilogy before that comes out.  I started it the first time round quite soon after finishing The Girl With All The Gifts, and it’s written kind of similarly, I think?

Magazines this month: Oh ComelyGirls Club Zine, and (from StackAmuseum.  And Severine. Obviously 😉

I also went to a bookish event for Independent Book Week, and came away with this ridiculous stack of books, which I haven’t even attempted to start yet.  I think July is going to be less busy, so I can get some reading done.



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