HotPod Yoga

I’m not sure what this sudden health kick I’ve started on is, but I’m quite enjoying it (except for the fact that I’m paying £40 a month for a gym membership when I’ve found out that running outside is WAY better. Boo.)  Anyway, when I was in Crete, an email popped into my inbox inviting me to try out a class at HotPodYoga*, which has just started up in Brentwood.  I emailed back almost before I’d even finished reading the email, and arranged to join in on the Saturday class this morning.

Photographer Credit : Ed Reeve

Pictures are from the HotPodYoga site, because no one wants to see my sweaty iPhone photos!

I arrived super early, armed with a bottle of water and a towel, and was pretty relieved to see that my outfit choice wasn’t completely ridiculous. The inflatable pod itself was all set up, and looked kind of like one of those bouncy castle houses, set inside the drama hall of a school.  Once everyone had arrived, we all left our shoes outside (see; just like a bouncy castle!!) and climbed in.  Man, it was super hot. 37° is toasty.  Our teacher, Krystle, introduced herself, and told us that this was the first full class.  HotPodYoga only came to Brentwood a week ago, so the word has spread pretty fast.


Definitely looks like a bouncy castle house… with the central heating on full.

The pod is cosy, with dim purple lights.  It looks, I’m not going to lie, like the coolest yoga class ever.  Ha.  Once we’d all picked our spots, set up our towels, and acclimatised a little bit, the class started.  The classes are Vinyasa Flow yoga, so it’s pretty constant movement.  The heat definitely helps, and Krystle’s class was just tough enough.  There were a couple of poses that I struggled just the right amount with.  Next time, I’m getting that wheel. Ha.  She was a great teacher, showing the poses first, then walking around to correct people where needed. I (always) needed my shoulders sorted out a couple of times, but I was definitely bendier by the end of the class, and my poor shoulders haven’t started crunching again yet, which is usually a pretty good sign!!

By the end of the class, which had included the Flow part, then a balance session, then some relaxation at the end, I was sweatier than I remember ever being in my life (I’m glad my cocoa butter body cream stuff smells so good), and super, super chilled. And really bendy.


I’m using this picture to demonstrate that the classes are not just for girls. Also, some people are bendier than others, and that’s totally cool. Yay for levels!

I had a quick chat with Krystle at the end, and she’s so lovely.  Her Brentwood classes run Monday-Saturday, with classes in both mornings and evenings, and you can buy an unlimited pass for two weeks to try out different times and find one that suits. There are a few different venues, but they’re all pretty easy to find.  I’m seriously considering jumping in on the class passes, because I could definitely get in that pod a couple of times a week.

HotPodYoga Brentwood are on Instagram (@hotpodyogabrentwood) and Facebook.  All of the class details can be found on the website at, as well as details of different venues around the UK if you aren’t near Brentwood!

Disclaimer: I was invited to try out a taster class with HotPodYoga in return for an honest review. As always, all writing and opinions are my own!


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