April Books

Well, April makes up for how few books I read in March a bit! Yay!


Kelly Link, The Summer People* – This was a quick little story I was sent as a sampler and I really enjoyed it. It’s part of a bigger collection, Get In Trouble, which has had really good reviews by the looks of it on Goodreads.

Kara Cooney, The Woman Who Would Be King – This was the #WLClub book for April, and I took it on holiday with me, and LOVED it.  Reading about Hatshepsut was so interesting, and Cooney had made some parts – because very little can really be shown as fact – almost storylike, which I really liked.  Ancient Egypt stuff is fascinating.  I really need to start keeping up with the WLClub google group thing, because it definitely runs away from me every time.

Albert Camus, The Outsider – James bought me this as part of my birthday present, because I hadn’t read it, and I started it, whizzed through half of it, and then forgot to take it on holiday, so it’s not finished yet. Whoops. It’s good though, and I’m going to finish the other half this weekend.

Emma Cline, The Girls* – This was my other holiday book, and oh.my.god is it good.  It comes out in June, and you should definitely pop it on your radar. It’s about girls in a Manson Family-esque cult (there’s gory parts, but as the narrator didn’t see anything, they’re not too gory).  It’s more about the relationship Evie has towards the other girls, despite events which go on, and especially towards Suzanne, the ringleader of the group, to whom her attachment becomes almost obsessive.  It’s so, so good, and I read it in virtually one sitting. You can #followthegirls on Twitter too.

Kirsty Logan, The Gracekeepers – I am finally getting round to reading this; it’s been sat on my shelf for far too long, because it’s great.  I need to stop saving books I know will be good. Ha. Anyway, Kirsty’s short story collection, The Rental Heart, is on my list of books I always recommend to people, and this novel is kind of an expansion of one of the stories in that collection.  I don’t feel like that’s doing it justice, but suffice to say that it’s fantastic, and if you like Angela Carter, and/or books about circuses and fairy tales, you’ll probably love it.

I read loads of new magazines this month too, so I thought I’d include them 🙂

Oh Comely – How have I never read this before? This issue had a feature where four different generations of women interviewed each other, and it was so great. 65 year old Sylvia interviewing seven year old Frankie asks what she wishes she could do that she cant, because she’s only seven; Frankie’s (amazing) response, “Go on the death slide.”

Pylot – This was from the Stack subscription James bought me for my birthday, and it’s very cool. Biannual, and with no beauty retouching at all. So good.

The Happy Reader – I love getting things in the post. This was the first one from the subscription I got for Christmas. Ha. Ethan Hawke and book stuff, and it’s beauuuuutiful.

Phew. That was more reading than I thought I’d done. Ha. As always, all the books I’m reading are on Goodreads, and I’m normally talking about them on Twitter too.


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