Weekend Reading

Hello! I had a couple of weeks off of weekend reading to go SURFING and it was awesome.  Sometimes a ridiculous holiday, doing something you’re mildly (completely) terrified of and being sort of alright at it is more needed than you think.  Haha.


RIP Prince (I used this pic because it is the greatest passport picture I’ll ever see)

Get in Formation // Your Guide to Lemonade // Why Lemonade Is The Most Exciting Film of 2016 So Far // Sansa, Queen of the North // So good: Tackling a Life Crisis // How to Wear a Dress // I love the @Sylvnianans twitter // Did Rita Ora Zzzzzz with Jay? Probably Not, But Why Let That Stop You? // How to Avoid Wasting Time When You’re Blue // After Sandra Bland //


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