Weekend Reading

Everyone I know has had wonky brain chemicals this week.  April is peculiar. Anyway, to that end, here’s a ton of weekend reading to stay in bed with (unless it’s sunny, in which case, VITAMIN D AT LAST), and some whales, because whales are awesome.  Be nice to yourselves, little fishes.


pic from weheartit

How The Rest Of The World Caught Up To Tegan and Sara // Progressive Publishing: is this a golden era for female-focused zines? // “Girls’ Books” // What people look like after three drinks // Your brain sees things that you don’t // Seven things to do with broccoli (I love broccoli, and I just listened to a Surprisingly Awesome podcast about it, and it was really interesting!!) // Is Our Universe a Fake? (maybe one to save for a non-wonky day) // A good one to follow that (sorry!), Jourden wrote about anxiety and the apocalypse // Sci-fi and Fantasy Books for People Who Don’t Like Sci-fi or Fantasy //



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