After Madden and I had our London weekend, we only had a few weeks until I finally went to visit her and Jack in Kaiserslautern.  It was still cold and miserable, but Ryanair came to the rescue once again, and ridiculously early on a Saturday morning, off I went to Frankfurt.

Madden picked me up from the airport, and we drove through beautiful, snowy Germany for a couple of hours, to a huge shopping outlet.  Dangerous.  We made a pretzel and pearcake pitstop, and then it was time for SHOPS.


We had high hopes for The Kooples, but we were pretty disappointed with how unlike “kooples” we looked (and how dusty all the shoes were… never a good sign), so we cheered ourselves up with Calvin Klein underwear, and then All Saints. Oh my god. In German All Saints outlets, everything is about half the price it is here. And then things with blue stickers are 50% off. And everything was 30% off for the day because of… something.  I think between us, we tried on about half the shop.  I bought a buttery, buttery leather jacket for less than a quarter of the price it would’ve been in the UK. Cray.  Madden bought two awesome androgynous-y jackets, and she looked like a punk rock goddess.

We went back to Madden and Jack’s (beauuuuutiful) house, and got changed for dinner, before heading out.  Madden took me to a little super-German restaurant, and we had wine, and I had the most German vegetarian thing on the menu.  It’s called Spácke (I think??), and it’s like a cross between noodles and macaroni cheese. It was delicious.


After dinner, we met Jack at the ballet for the most hilariously awful rendition of Romeo and Juliet I’ve ever seen. The Prokofiev score was beautiful; the additional scenes explaining the feud, the weird tree dance, the naked dancers, the shiny pantsuits were… not.  At the interval, Jack admitted that he hadn’t actually realised it was supposed to be Romeo and Juliet (he hadn’t seen the tickets, and we literally met him and the theatre and went straight in), and Madden said “are we leaving…?” and so we ditched.  Luckily, Jack had spent all day wine shopping in France, so it only seemed fair to test some of them out.


After some hilarious snapchatting, Jack’s drunken re-script-writing of the ballet (which is still on my phone), and numerous renamings of Die Hard sequels (Die A Bit Harder? So many that I can’t remember), we decided to watch Bruce and Samuel Die-Harding, but we gave up halfway through and went to bed. Ha.

On Sunday, we went to base, where Jack had to sign me in with my passport, and we went to THE MOST AMERICAN diner outside America (though technically not, I think?) for breakfast.  Pancakes, eggs, chicken and waffles, and pitchers of Coke later, we got back into the car to drive to Frankfurt and find the Modern Art Museum.


The MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main is very, very cool.  The building is amazing, with levels that split off into rooms on different mezzanine levels, and a lot of the art is interactive.  When you walk in, there’s a wall of screens, mirroring and distorting the people standing in front of them; there’s a room where you have to stay 10 feet away from everyone else in the room; there’s a room made of plastic hoops suspended from the ceiling that you have to climb your way across.  It’s cool.



I loved it. And the tagged location pics on insta are awesome.  After the museum, we went across the main square and got milkshakes (well, Jack and I got milkshakes. Madden is an adult and drinks coffee), and in the middle of the square is this plaque…


It’s there to mark where the Nazis burned books they’d banned.  It was weird. It’s such a strange thing to suddenly be jolted back to a reminder of.  The square is beautiful, and peaceful, and you almost… forget. But, like in Berlin, the history is just… there. It’s marked out, it’s not hidden away.


From Frankfurt, Jack and Madden drove me back to the airport, and we got some food before they went home and I read my book, shopped for gin, and waited for my flight home.

Madden and Jack are moving back to the US soon, so we’re going to try to sneak in a couple of trips (maybe a CANAL BOAT! Maybe CRETE!) before they go back, and Madden and I are already planning a ridiculous rhinestone cowgirls holiday to Dallas once they’re settled in Texas. Exciting!!


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