So. Much. Nature.

On Good Friday, to kick off my birthday weekend, Ruth and I went to South Weald Park, to feed the deer, because deer are exciting.  Less exciting are hoards of screaming five year olds, who scare all the deer away.  HOWEVER; there were copious amounts of cute dogs, many scary geese, enormous bumble bees, and a lot of sunshine.  And also, Ruth fell in the mud approximately six minutes after we arrived. So that was pretty funny.  Snapchat had a good time.



We were at the park for a couple of hours, and then we headed into Romford for lunch and shopping (and new trousers for Ruth…).  Carbed up on macaroni cheese, we had a nice mooch round the shops in the sunshine, and then headed back home.  Yay for birthday long weekends, and for it finally being sunny enough to get my sunglasses out!





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