Weekend Reading

I’m in Germany this weekend, but I’ve been collecting all week so that you don’t miss out. I’m so good to you.


Blood Meridian vs. Absalom! Absalom!

More punctuation pornWriting can be beautiful because of the words an author chooses to use: but it can also be beautiful because of the choice of punctuation. (Also: HEATMAPS) // This made me laugh: How to make enough money to save £800 a month if you’re a millenial // Sine Cosine Tangent; new short fiction from Don DeLillo // Girl power zines you should be reading // Unseen JRR Tolkien poems found in a school magazine // I love #OutBoastKanye // We Must Stop James Franco //

Also, in London a couple of weeks ago, Aran, Madden, and I had a conversation about the merits of a pet ferret, versus a weasel, versus a stoat. Aran wrote a song, and texted the lyrics to us the next day. Yesterday, he put it on Youtube. You heard it here first, kids.


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