Good Intentions


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Waaaaaay back in January, I wrote about setting intentions, as opposed to New Years Resolutions – which I don’t make, because I don’t believe in them. They’re always negative, about giving things up, or stopping things you know you shouldn’t be doing, but they’re always framed in a way that elicits a negative response: “I’m going to start running because I should be fitter.” i.e. the belief that you aren’t fit enough. “I’m not going to eat chocolate.” Come on, yes you will. And then you’ll feel bad that you ate it, or you had one cigarette at a party, or you missed one day of running because it was raining and freezing cold and staying in bed was preferable, and broke your resolution, and then you’ll carry on eating chocolate, or smoking, or not running, all year. Resolutions set you up to fail. So don’t set them.

Intentions are different. I’ve written out intentions rather than resolutions for a few years, but this year, I’m teaming them up with Being a Productivity Unicorn. My entire life is literally made of Evernote notebooks. Literally. 😉


…case in point.

As well as Evernote, and writing a manifesto of intentions (oh yeah, I’m even going with the hippy MANIFESTING language. Why not?), I also picked a word for the year. This year is about building.

I want to know what your 2016 is going to look like, what you want to get out of it, what you’re aiming to set up for yourself.

Let’s all be unicorns. I’m excited to get started.


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