Vegan Life issue 12


Having been bumped up to ten issues a year earlier this year, Vegan Life magazine seems to be doing better and better.  The new issue just popped on to shelves and into inboxes last week – the online version, which I’m subscribed to*, is completely interactive, which is pretty cool.  Hover over pictures and they turn into recipes, and you can turn over bits of pages for extra content.  Nifty.

vl2Every recipe I’ve tried out of this magazine has always been delicious.  The January/February issue has got a couple of polenta recipes that look pretty tasty, as well as carrot cake (fave), and that chia seed pudding on the front cover.  I’ve always been a little bit baffled by chia seeds, to be honest, and I know lots of people (and instagram vegans) who swear by it, but I always thought it looked… complicated.  Apparently not, and I thought I’d share a sneak of the recipe for you here…

Going vegan is on my long-term list, but it’s not a goal I’m looking at yet, and definitely not one I’m looking at whilst I’m living at home.  I’ll get there eventually, once the guilt gets too much for me.  Ha.  This issue does, however, have some tips for if you are looking at going vegan, (and you can sneak peek this article online) and there are so many companies listed in the pages for cruelty-free everything – from food, to shoes, to make-up – that would really come in handy if you’re trying to switch.  There’s Veganuary next month too, which could totally help!


I love the Accidental Vegan pages (oreos, HOLLA), because sometimes, I JUST WANT TO EAT SWEETS THAT AREN’T MADE OF HOOVES. /endvegetarianrant. Haha.  There’s a debate about vaccinations, and the cutest rescued pig I’ve ever set eyes on.


I really enjoy flicking through this magazine; it always gives me ideas. If the next few days doesn’t render me unable to eat again for at least a month, I’m going shopping for chia seeds 😉


Disclaimer** I receive an online subscription to Vegan Life magazine, for which I review issues and articles in return.  All opinions and writing are always my own.


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