Weekend Reading

Saturday night weekend reading, in time for you to spend all of your Sunday morning in bed. Just me? Ha.

King Lear as text messages. Ha!

The Tories are good for something after all (ha); because of them, radical left publishing is doing awesomely + “Being a white man means never having to speak for anybody but yourself,” What Burden? from The Walrus + Classic books re-imagined as text messages – the Wuthering Heights one is so great. Bahahaha. + Handwriting is a relic + I AM SO EXCITED to see Carrie Brownstein next week. She married people in California!! GAHHHHHH + Obviously we all know this, but Morticia Addams is a feminist queen. + This was all over my internet this week. Read it, it’s important. + Severine submissions are open until the end of the month. Yay! + This interview with Louis C.K. is great + In fact, I watched his Comedy Store show when I was in Canada, and it’s (unsurprisingly) hilarious. Enjoy!!


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