Spitalfields City Farm

As part of my mission to keep myself as busy as possible, yesterday, Polly, Mumbly, and I had a day wandering around the vintage markets at Brick Lane and Spitalfields. Mid-wander, I asked if either of them had been to the City Farm, and neither of them had. I’ve heard tons about it, and have always been intrigued at the idea of a FARM in the middle of E1, so off we went! The farm is only about a five minute walk from Brick Lane, so it wasn’t a huge detour.

A few weeks ago, the two of them had been to visit the pigs at a farm near where we live, that we used to go to a lot when we we littler; Sarah had a pig that she sponsored there, and we used to go and see it, and visit the little farm shop. When they went recently, Sarah said it had got horrible, and was really upsetting, with the animals in tiny concrete pens, and no space to run around in. Spitalfields Farm was not like that at all. All the animals looked so happy!

We went to see Watson and Holmes, the pigs, first, and they were snorting and rummaging around in the mud. Sarah was pretty beside herself at how happy they were, and she took lots of pig selfies. Ha.


There was so much room for all the animals, it was really nice. We went around and met Dandelion the cow, and then Derek and Bayleaf, the donkeys, and Tilly the Shetland Pony.

There were tons of goats and little fluffy sheep, and there were HUGE chickens running around everywhere. Loads of the chickens are rescued ones, so now they get a nice life, and their eggs get sold in the shop.





The Spitalfields City Farm is open Tuesday-Sunday, and it’s free to visit. Yay for city farms! 🙂



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