Autumn menu at Pizza Express

Partly to congratulate myself on being so organised, but mostly to try out the new menu, Mum and I went to Brentwood’s Pizza Express for dinner* on Tuesday night. Carb loading for an 8 hour flight the next day? Yes. Ha.
The restaurant is at Wilson’s Corner, and I’ve been a couple of times before, so we parked just up the road and dodged the rain just in time to get inside. Our waitress, Lisa, came to take our drinks order, and offered us some pre-starters. Mum had a little bowl of olives, and I had a large glass of wine 😉

For starters, I had the bruschetta, and mum had the new calamari with caesar dressing. My bruschetta was lovely, and mum’s calamari was gone so fast I can only assume it was good! At the moment, Pizza Express are doing a special pumpkin version of their infamous dough balls, which I’ll definitely be going back to test out!


I decided to have the new Risotto Mio for my main, which is technically one of the new starters, but they also offer it as a main portion. Chestnut & closed cup mushrooms in a creamy white wine risotto with parsley, garlic oil and pine kernels, finished with Gran Milano cheese, fresh parsley and truffle oil. It was huge, and delicious, and I wish risotto was more photogenic.

Another of the new items on the menu is the Pennette Bolognese, which Mum opted for. A rich beef, porcini mushroom, tomato and garlic Bolognese sauce with pennette pasta, finished with Gran Milano cheese and fresh parsley.

We also had a side order of the new Potato Nicciola, which are little fluffly baked potato balls, with cheese on top. Yum. Definitely a good choice.

Stuffed from our mains, we decided to split a dessert, so we went for the new Dessert Trio, three sweet treats to share: gluten-free Chocolate Brownie with fresh strawberry, Lemon Posset Crunch and two scoops of Primo Gelato with a chocolate straw. We switched the gelato for lemon sorbet, and it was lovely.

Completely full, we waddled back to the car and home, where Dave got a panicked phonecall from me worrying that I didn’t have enough jumpers, and would I need more socks? and then I went to bed to get up at 5am for the airport. Meep!

Our dinner was lovely, and I’m definitely planning to go back to try out the bits that I didn’t. I should mention as well, that Lisa was great. She was super friendly, and came to chat to us, and made good recommendations. I’ve got a little survey card to fill out – which I’ll do when I’m back home because it’s in my other bag – but I wanted to mention here how good she was. Hi Lisa!

Disclaimer* – I was invited to review the new menu at Pizza Express, but all writing (apart from the menu descriptions, obvs) and opinions are always my own!


2 thoughts on “Autumn menu at Pizza Express

  1. Li says:

    This looks and sounds delicious lady and the perfect way to start your holiday off. The risotto sounds amazing and I would be keen to try the pumpkin dough balls too. There are so many pumpkin products here, it’s literally everywhere so I would be keen to try some xx

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