Giveaway… Mind Body Soul Experience

Well, this is exciting – the lovely folks at the Mind Body Soul Experience have offered me two pairs of weekend passes (worth £44 each) to give away for this year’s show at Alexandra Palace on the 23, 24, and 25th October!


The programme looks amazing, and I’m genuinely gutted that I won’t be able to go (I’ll be in Canada though, so don’t play that violin too loudly – ha). There are workshops (some are free, and included on your ticket, and others you’d need to book. Details are on the website) and lectures across all three days, and the tickets will also give you entry to the OM Yoga Show next door. (I could totally do with a yoga show. Classes with Tara Stiles? YES PLEASE. Wah.)

Ok, before I make myself sadder that I won’t be going, here’s what you need to do to enter.  Leave me a comment below, saying why you’d like to go, and leave your email address/twitter name so I can reach you if you win!  That’s it. I’ll announce the two winners here and on twitter on Monday 12th October, so that you’ll have your tickets sent out in time for the show!

Good luck!!


2 thoughts on “Giveaway… Mind Body Soul Experience

  1. Brooke Mara says:

    This event sounds like heaven on earth! I’d like to go because i feel like we dont do enough for our overall wellbeing and often neglect our minds and bodies. I’m totally guilty of this and recently took up yoga to combat it…i totally fell in love! I spend my days helping people recover their physical body after injury and always try to consider that person as a whole being- i could learn a few tricks to help my patients and encourage myself to take care of me too!

  2. Whitney Lodge says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to win these tickets it is my idea of a weekend in heaven! I have recently started prioritising yoga over the madness of “gym gym” and running (recovering running addict over here….!)…. The changes I have seen in my body, mind and soul have been ridiculous since starting yoga of which I now practise almost daily! It’s the thing I look forward to mostly in my day as I’m also somebody with a very busy mind so this is the only me time I ever seem to give myself and it’s amazing! I think the holistic way of life is definitely coming to the madness of the 21st century both in fitness and the medical industries and I am now training to become a nutritional therapist, having suffered myself with coeliacs for most of my life!…. Once that’s done I look to train as a yoga teacher myself 🙂 If I won these tickets I think it would inspire me, two-fold, to do the things I want to do in future! My BFF yoga friend would love me for it as well as that is who I’d take 🙂

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