I booked a few days off of work last week, and gave myself a very nice five day weekend to spend doing sistery things with Sarah. On Thursday, we hopped on the Tube, and went museuming for the day. Our first stop was the Natural History Museum, where we battled through a billion tourists to see Dippy, mooched around the geology sections, and took selfies with monkeys. We also visited the Cocoon in the Darwin Centre, which neither of us had been in before, and learned about things that look like coral, but aren’t.


This is an ancient vegetarian




Blue whales are enormous, and you shouldn’t throw things on their tails.


So. Many. Tourists.

We had a little lunch break with our Waitrose picnic (Sarah drank a litre of Fiji water to check if it tasted any different to normal water. Apparently not, but the bottle was pretty) (also, note to self, Waitrose have AMAZING vegetarian lunch options. SO MUCH QUINOA), and then we walked back up to the V&A. I didn’t take any photos in the V&A, because I have about a million because of all the times I’ve been there. Ha.


There is a video version of this photo, accompanied by a rendition of “we like to drink with Sarah…” that was so beautiful it can never see the light of social media, for fear of the influx of record company moguls we would have to fend off.

At closing time, we jumped on a bus to Oxford Circus, just in time for it to start raining. Luckily, we were in and out of shops all the way along to Selfridges (and they do), and spent long enough in there that when we went back outside, the rain had stopped. I treated myself to Illamasqua’s Gel Colour in Charm, because Payday, and also because when I tried it on, Sarah’s reaction was “Oh, it’s nice!! You look much less dead!!” Sold. She’s a charmer, that one.

We went bak up to the Tottenham Court Road end of Oxford St – because that’s where the good Primark is – and then cut through to Charlotte Street for some dinner. Sarah’s feet were killing her by the time we were done, so we got back on the Tube and went home, where I think we were both asleep approximately seventeen minutes after getting indoors. Lovely.


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