Weekend Reading

I’ve had a super short week this week, because I booked Thursday and Friday off work so that Polly and I could have a nice sistery weekend. So far, we’ve been up to London and all around the museums, and to the zoo! Yay for three day work weeks!

Bookriot asks why do we sanitize fairy tales? + Polly made lemon drizzle cake and it was yum + How Louis CK makes decisions + Mine is getting enormous (holla if you want a baby Aloe!) but here’s how to look after an aloe vera plant + Zoe’s house is basically perfect + A Beginners Guide to Being an Ethical Vegetarian + Sylvia Plath was calling people “basic” way before you were + The Meaning of Serena Williams + Everyone loves No Diggity + Finally, I’m weirdly excited about this album, being as I (sorry) haven’t actually heard 1989 all the way through…


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