Beside the Seaside

On Saturday, Brooke and I had an impromptu afternoon at the seaside, after both deciding that 23 degrees was just too nice a day to pass up. I hopped on the train, Brooke jumped in the car, and off we went to Leigh On Sea.

We had a very brief wander along the shops (too hot), before finding Stop The Worldthe most hipster café I’ve seen in Essex. Everyone was tattooed, and they had rainbow cake. Excellent. We found a table outside in the sunshine and debated the menu. I went for the “best bubble in the world”, and Brooke had Eggs Benedict (because it’s her favourite and she always has it everywhere it’s on the menu – ha!) Sadly, we were far too stuffed afterwards for cake, so we’ll have to go back. Shame. 😉


Break slow indeed



After brunch, we mooched back along the road, found a charity shop with a fan on and three books for £1, and then headed back to the car and down to the beach.

The seafront was absolutely packed – we got ourselves some ice cream (mint chop chip – yum) and wandered along past the yacht club, and found ourselves a little patch to paddle. Looooovely. We sat in the sunshine, nattering about dogs, and Canada, and eulogies for a couple of hours, and then had a wander back, slightly more freckly, and with slightly pinker noses 😉


Always instagramming


Gotta love the Thames estuary 😉

We headed back to Brooke’s, took Teddy for a walk over the field, and then sat in the garden discussing things that cannot be repeated on the internet with glasses of wine. Impromptu sunshine and seaside days are the best.


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