22 Hours in Edinburgh – Part Three

Coming out of the tent, I squeezed past the queue for book signings, and made my way back up Princes Street and across the Bridges, to meet back up with Elspeth and her friend. Elspeth had snagged me the very last ticket for the late performance of In Your Face Theatre’s Trainspotting, which has been the talk of the Festival. It’s now selling out three days before each performance, and I can totally see why. We went down to George Square to find the Underground venue, and brave an “immersive” performance of Irvine Welch’s Leith junkies.


All the posters everywhere is my favourite



Underground is actually a garage underneath the uni, your ticket is exchanged for a glow-stick, you go in, and walk into a full on rave, graffiti on the walls, and strobe lights. There are a few chairs dotted about around the edges of the room, but mostly, people are sitting on the floor. There’s a toilet in one corner (you know what scene this is for, and I wouldn’t advise sitting near it), a sofa, a row of bleachers, and a table and chairs. And that’s it. That’s the entire staging. Once everyone has found somewhere to sit, the rave comes to an end, and the story begins. And it’s done AMAZINGLY. Some of the stories from both the book and film are co-opted into other characters, so it’s a smaller cast, and more happens to each of them. Renton is great – funny and naked and emotional and intense – and Begbie is genuinely intimidating. SickBoy was spot on, fragile after the death of the baby, and very hot. Ahem. There was participation (some more willing than others) from the audience, and the whole performance was incredible. I can absolutely see why this is so highly recommended, and I’d absolutely urge people to go see it. Just don’t sit on the right as you go in 😉

After Trainspotting, Elspeth and I wandered back to her flat in Leith, set alarms for stupid o’ clock, and crawled into bed. I think I was asleep before my eyes were even closed. Alarms went off, I realised that I can’t tell them time, so we had a little bit of an extra snooze, and then I went back into Edinburgh to catch the bus home at 5am, and Elspeth went to the gym (so dedicated!).

The bus back was much better than the bus there, and I got back home to Brentwood at just gone 5pm, ravenous and smelling like a megabus. Attractive. After a roast dinner and a bath, I was just about human again.

Edinburgh, I had a blast.


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