22 Hours in Edinburgh – Part Two

The Cambridge Bar is tucked away at the very end of Young Street, near Charlotte Square. Kirsty had a little bit of a mission finding it, but mostly we all managed 😉 Continuing in our tradition of being Burger Lovin’ Blogger Babes, I met up with Gillian, Laura, Lynne, and Kirsty, and we had an honorary BLBB in Sam, who was up visiting Kirsty for a bit of Fringe.


So many options…


It might not be photogenic, but it was awesome

I miss these girls so much; I laughed until my stomach hurt at Kirsty’s hilarious lip syncing stories. The food was amazing, huge stacked burgers – veggie, chicken, beef, and buffalo(!) – with all sorts of extras, and sides of fries and onion rings. None of us had room for dessert, but I spotted a couple on other tables and they looked equally epic. It was so, so good to catch up with everyone, and weirdly felt like we’d all met up yesterday, instead of the four months it’s actually been since I saw them.


*heart eyes emoji*

Once we could move again, we wandered down to George Square, and found the Udderbelly bar. I flitted off pretty soon after, to get back up to the Book Festival for David Mitchell. I got there just in time to pop back into the shop, and snaffled up the last copy on the shelf of Kirsty Logan’s newest book, A Portable Shelter (it’s a limited edition too!), as well as a little reader theory book I’d had my eye on.



The queue for David Mitchell was, I think, even longer than the one for Marilynne Robinson had been. Almost every single person I could see in the queue had a copy of either Cloud Atlas or The Bone Clocks. Where’s the Jacob De Zoet love, people?! We shuffled in, and I managed to nab a seat dead centre. (Perks of going to things on your own: good seats because people have aversions to sitting next to strangers, and leave the “polite” seat. Ha!) David Mitchell was awesome. He read from The Bone Clocks, and was great, and then had a fantastic Q&A session with Stuart Kelly, who he knew, so they had a really good conversation. Answering questions from the floor (yay to the person who asked if there’d be any more Jacob, because she didn’t feel like she was done with his story), he genuinely wanted to give people the best answers he could, and thanked everyone for every question they asked. Can you tell I might have got a little bit of a David Mitchell crush?

He finished off by reading a passage from Slade House which’ll be out in November. So I’ve got a couple of months to read The Bone Clock, because it’s shameful that I haven’t, and I’ve had Ghostwritten on my reread list for ages.

Part three on it’s way…


2 thoughts on “22 Hours in Edinburgh – Part Two

  1. eliseandlife1 says:

    Ooh I read The Bone Clocks a few weeks ago and it’s excellent, if a bit confusing at times. Yay for finding a good seat! 🙂

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