Weekend Reading

Somehow it’s time for some weekend reading again! I’m not entirely sure where this week has gone, but I hope you’ve had a good one. I started my yoga course with Brookester, which was really good, and now we are Calm And Bendy. Or, almost. Give us another five weeks.

(image from Neon Moon)

I really want to see A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, and this review makes me want to see it more +  This chart has shown me how much of my life I’ve already spent bingeing TV series’ + Homme de Plume was all over my internet this week, and ugh + What Kind of Book Reader Are You? Voracious. (Thanks, P) + TYCI’s Good Mental column is back, and it’s great: Five Ridiculous Things People With Anxiety Believe

If you’re even questioning whether you’re mad, then you’re not mad. It’s the modern day – and frankly massively reassuring – version of Descartes’ “I think therefore I am”.
All that’s happening is that chemicals in your brain are firing at the wrong time. This is all that’s happening. And it can be fixed. It’s just science and nature and evolution.
Rosie Davies

Old but good: Wes Anderson’s Arrested Development + Bee wrote some creative writing prompts and I’m going to try some out. + How to read a lot more + I am outraged at this Jumanji remake news + Finally, this is just great: I spent a month replying to all of my PR emails with “I love you”


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