Weekend Reading

It’s August. How on Earth did that happen? I honestly have no idea where this year is going. Most of the time, I feel like I’ve been back in Essex for five minutes, and I’ve actually been here for three months already. Wow.

USPS have put Flannery O’Connor on a stamp, but ^ that ^ is not it. That’s Charlotte Strick’s beautiful redesign + No, feminism is not about choice + “If being turnt up is so fun, why would someone want to turn (turnt) down?” (by the way, I watched the video for the song, and oh my god. Scarred.) + I had lots of conversations after my post last week on “should”, and then I read the essay The Crossroads of Should and Must, which Rosie mentioned in her post. Good stuff. + The Hard Truths of Ta-Nehisi Coates + Margaret Atwood on Medium: It’s Not Climate Change, It’s Everything Change + The Future Looks Bright, a Q&A series with Caitlyn Jenner + Girls, I found Ahn Co Tran’s layered bob secrets + Finally, this little badger drank seven beers, passed out on the beach, and slept for two days. Aw, badge, we’ve all been there.


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