Weekend Reading

I’ve had a good week this week; I shuffled my portfolio site about a bit, and ordered some moo cards, which is exciting! (I have no idea who I’m going to give them to yet, but having them means I can!) I had a lovely dinner out with Brookester, in which I went on a rant about how goats cheese is better than regular cheese because goats are intrinsically happy animals, and then I made her sign up to a yoga course with me so that we can be Bendy and Calm. Poor woman.

I’ve also read a ton of awesome stuff, and lots of “how to’s”, this week, but have some happy goats first…

How to be a Productivity Unicorn + Have we reached “Peak Vegetarianism”+ How to be a Poet and a Human Being + Speaking of poets, William Carlos Williams becomes a meme + I am saving up s2 of True Detective, but I did read The Trouble with True Detective + Having brains/feelings/people is exhausting. How to Get Out of Your Head, & How to Trust Your Brain + Watch the books in Wes Anderson’s films + I’d like to move into Kate gh0stparties’ bathroom now please.


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