ICYMI: David Cameron believes that “people should have the freedom to hunt,” and he’s not a huge fan of the 2004 Hunting Act brought in by Labour, banning fox hunting. In a ridiculous step backwards, he’s hoping to repeal the 11-year-old ban, and reinstate fox hunting in the UK.

On Wednesday, there’ll be a free vote, where MPs can vote to bring back hunting with horses and a full pack of dogs. At the moment, the law allows two dogs to be used (for “pest control” or catching a diseased fox); a full pack doesn’t have a specified number.  The average pack number is 63.5.  SIXTY THREE POINT FIVE.  Plus horses.  And ONE fox.

I should point out that as much as – obviously – fox hunting is terrible for the foxes, it’s also a pretty horrible affair for the dogs, too. They’re working dogs, kept outside, and kept hungry so that they’ll hunt better. Once they start to get old (usually around 6 “seasons” is classed as old), and aren’t as quick as the younger pack dogs, they’re “retired”. Retirement for a working dog does not make it into a pet, because these are trained hunting dogs.  Working animals don’t really ever get a good deal.

There’s no reason at all to bring back foxhunting, apart from that those backing the repeal enjoy it.

You can check here how your MP might vote on Wednesday, and sign the change.org petition here.


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