Café Rouge, Loughton

I was invited to have dinner at the newly refurbished Café Rouge in Loughton this week as a little midweek treat, and it was looooovely. I took Mumbly with me, and we had a very nice Wednesday night out!

I’ not massively familiar with Loughton, but it was a much quicker drive from Brentwood than I thought it would be, and we found the restaurant really easily. There’s a little car park dead opposite, which was handy being as my shoes were ridiculously high. There were outfit pictures, but Mum somehow timed every single photo to coincide with how often I blink, so I deleted all of them. Ha. I basically wore all my new things and super bright pink lipstick. 😉

We headed into the restaurant and sat in a little booth. The decor is gorgeous, with blown up posters of vintage French films and glamourous film stars. There’s outside seating both at the front and back, and a huge area upstairs with it’s own bar for big groups.


As well as having been refurbed, there’s a new menu too. I tried my hardest to convince Mum that she had to have snails, but she was having none of it. We decided on wine, and our lovely waiter brought us over some bread and olives while we decided what to have to eat. The olives were lovely, mixed in with tiny little gherkins (which I’ve found a sudden, inexplicable love for), and roquito chillis. Decisions made, we ordered and happily munched all the bread while we waited for our starters.


Mum had opted for the king prawns in garlic and smoked chilli butter, and she’ll never forgive me if I put the photo of her eating them on here, but she looked very much like she enjoyed them. Haha. They were enormous, and she gave up on her cutlery pretty quickly.


I wasn’t going to have a starter, because I was going to save some space for dessert instead, but I am a piglet, and I couldn’t decide what to have for my main, so when our waiter said that I could have the risotto as a starter, I jumped. It was DELICIOUS, and my only regret is that I didn’t eat it all because I would have been too full to eat anything else. Champagne risotto with roasted butternut squash, petit pois, plum tomatoes, pea shoots, and lemon dressing. It was gorgeous.


We both went for fishy mains – I am a terrible vegetarian, I know, but saying I’m a pescetarian (I can’t even spell it) is even more pretentious than saying I’m a vegetarian and then ordering fish. ***Flawless. Ha. Mum had the salmon fillet, and I had smoked haddock fishcakes. Yummmmmmmm.


I was so full that there was no way I could even contemplate dessert, and I made Mum eat half of one of my fishcakes, because my eyes are always bigger than my belly, so *sadly* we’ll have to go back for desserts another time.

Café Rouge is on Loughton High Street, and is open from 7am until 11pm. You can find directions, read menus, and book tables on the website, here. We had a great evening, the service was amazing and the food was all delicious. Thanks for having us Café Rouge, we’ll definitely be back!!

We were invited for dinner in return for a review, but as ever, all opinions and writing are my own!


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