The Duff at ODEON Fort Kinnaird

I’m settling back into Essex now, and unpacking everything I spent last week packing up, but I thought I’d reward myself for finishing all the boxes (yay!) with a bit of blogging.

Brooke drove up to Edinburgh on Thursday (I know. Major BFF points. I owe her forever.), and I’d been invited* on a tour of the new ODEON at Fort Kinnaird, following up from seeing Cinderella there last month. I thought a cinema trip would be nice for Brooke to relax after an eight-and-a-half hour drive, so we hopped on the bus after dinner and headed off for a tour and to see The Duff (Hel-lo Robbie Amell).

Odeon Cinema Fort Kinnaird Picture: Alan Rennie

Nicky came down to meet us and take us up to the projection room, and cinema technology has moved on a lot since I’d last seen one. There are seven screens at the new ODEON, with one enormous Dolby ATMOS screen – Nicky explained to us that there were speakers basically everywhere (there are fifty six of them), and that it’s kind of like IMAX for your ears. Having seen Cinderella in that screen, I can totally agree that the sound is amazing. Nicky said that on a test showing, someone said that the sound is so good that it makes you see things that aren’t there, which sounds ridiculous, but in practice, because it’s complete surround sound, if someone runs offscreen, and then around, and back on screen on the opposite side, you can *see* them running around. It sounds impossible, but go see.

The ODEON is also going to be showing live screenings from the National Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe, and the English National Opera, which is pretty cool. When Brooke and I went on Thursday, there was a National Theatre production on in one of the other screens, and they’ll be fairly regular occurrences, Nicky said.

After the tour, and some Game of Thrones chat (I won’t go for any spoilers, but NEW SERIES OMG), we went back downstairs to get popcorn – half and half for me, and sweet for Brooke – and then we went in to see the film.

The Duff is basically about a girl who realises that she is the “designated ugly, fat friend” to her two best mates (obviously though, she’s not ugly, or fat), and recruits the boy next door to help her shake off the title. It was pretty funny, and was the perfect film for out tired, post-packing, post-driving brains.

Thanks for having me again, ODEON!


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