Hair by JFK

When Hair by JFK recently invited me to review their Bruntsfield salon, I was pretty excited. I always find that booking a haircut triggers a Pinterest frenzy, Instagram collages, and looking up tutorials for Alexa Chung waves. Armed with photos, I happily headed off to Bruntsfield Place last Wednesday morning.

terri_jane Haircut tomorrow, so obv I’ve spent too much time on Pinterest. Alexa/French girl hair ftw.

Walking into the salon, there are bold colours, and lots of zebras. It’s very cool. Being on a corner, there are huge windows that let in a lot of light, and the decor really uses that to its advantage. Hair by JFK have won tons of awards, and have them displayed on the front windows, which I thought was nice. I loved the cushions on the chairs in the waiting area; little geeky french bulldogs! The salon is dog-friendly(!), so you can take your pups along with you! When I was there, there was gorgeous little whippet wandering around and saying hi to people.



I was getting my hair cut by Nadine, who was lovely. Once I was settled into a seat in front of the windows with a cup of tea, we had a chat about what I was after – my bob was really grown out, so I wanted it chopped back short, and I was debating “a bit of fringe.” After a couple of quick “before” photos, it was hair washing time. The salon has a nail bar, and offers HD Brows too, and the hair washing stations are through the back of the salon in a super relaxing little room. The massage chair very nearly sent me back to sleep!

Back in the main room, Nadine combed my hair through, before double checking how much shorter I wanted it. Throughout the cut, Nadine and I had chatted about all sorts; moving to Edinburgh, London craziness, pets, small face fringe dilemmas, and everyone wanting long bobs. Lots of chopping later, we decided that a bit of fringe could definitely work, and that a grown out looking, parted fringe would look best. A couple of snips later, and I’ve gone back fringey after years and years. Ha. Nadine spritzed some Osis Salt Spray into my hair, and blow dried it with a diffuser. Because of the short layers, it’s super super curly now – yay! When it was mostly dry, Nadine added a bit more salt spray – you can use the Osis one in wet or dry hair – and ruffled it up a bit, leaving it a tiny bit damp to let the waves settle.

Nadine took some before/after photos, which I've borrowed from Hair by JFK's facebook page :)

Nadine took some before/after photos, which I’ve borrowed from Hair by JFK’s facebook page



I’m definitely going to have to pop back and pick up some of the salt spray, because the next morning, I got up, brushed my fringe (I’ve almost got used to doing it now!), scrunched my hair up so it wasn’t quite so bedheady, and was ready to go. Easy peasy.

I’ve washed it a couple of times now, and it’s actually the easiest haircut to look after ever. I’ve been just blowdrying my fringe, and then scrunching my hair as it air dries into waves. Yay! I really can’t recommend Hair by JFK, or Nadine, more highly. My whole experience of the salon was fantastic from start to finish.

Posey day-after hair!

Posey day-after hair!

Hair by JFK is at 1 Bruntsfield Place, and you can call them on 0131 221 9554 to book an appointment. They’re also on facebook!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary cut and blowdry at JFK which I was asked to review. As always, this review is completely honest.


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