A Surprise Week in Essex

I’ve had a little bit of a blogging break, for a couple of reasons – firstly, I’m pretty much pouring all of my internet time into Severine. It’s actually shaping up really nicely, with far more submissions than I’d dared even hope for for a first issue, and tons of lovely followers on twitter and Facebook. Yay! Secondly, I’ve been working so. many. hours. over Christmas and New Year, that I’ve basically just wanted to eat and sleep for the rest of the time. However, I did manage a surprise, belated-Christmas trip to Essex last week, which I’m pretty impressed with myself for pulling off.

Thursday morning heralded a rare event; the Day Off. I was up and about super early though, and called Mum at 9.30, to tell her to put her FaceTime on. She thought I was in a shopping centre, I told her I was at the airport and could she hop in the car and be at Stansted in an hour? She cried. It was the cutest. I called Dad when I got to Stansted to ask him why Essex was rainier than Edinburgh, and I whatsapped pictures of the airport signage to Sarah. It was a pretty great surprise, and I’m really glad that I hadn’t told them I was coming. Ha.

I spent the week here, there, and everywhere, with shopping trips, charity book shop shopping, dinner outings, visits to the Shippey-Mara’s (hi!), noodles with Helen, a day up in London with my lovely curry clubbers, and pasta with Lushy. It was hectic, and I had a great time.


This little scruff is the most spoilt dog I know. Hi Sooz!


Obligatory trip to the farm shop


Book shopping spoils



We had a belated Christmas dinner on Sunday, complete with crackers and ridiculous amounts of food. Because I’m now a Proper Vegetarian, Mum made me a mushroom wellington to have instead of turkey, and it was delicious. Yum yum yum. Dad’s response? “That’s not a roast dinner, is it?” Ha. After dinner, we made animals out of my cracker prize, attempted card tricks that made no sense, and played Charades on Sarah’s phone, which was hilarious.


After lunch in London on Tuesday, I hopped on the Tube to Euston and went to the Wellcome Collection’s Institute of Sexology exhibition. I’ve been wanting to go for a while, and was waiting for a trip home, so I’m glad I had time. There’s no photography allowed inside, but I might do a separate post on the exhibition, because it was pretty interesting.

It was so nice to have a week at home, seeing people, and catching up, and being spoilt. It’s been a while since I was back for a decent amount of time – it’s normally just a flying visit for a couple of days, and I’d not been back at all since September – and it was really lovely. Aww.


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