Happy 2015!


I already wrote a sort of round up of my year back in September, so I won’t repeat it again, but I wanted to write a little post about goal-setting, and intentions. I don’t really ever make resolutions; I don’t really have bad enough habits to want to give them up, and I hate running, so there’s very little chance of me ever resolving to start my day with a 5k in the rain. I’m fairly certain that sleeping for that extra half-hour is far healthier. But I most definitely do have goals. Last year, I decided that 2014 owed me, based on how shitty 2013 had been, and it delivered. I wanted my dissertation to do well, I wanted to graduate with a grade I was proud of, I wanted to “go to places, and see things, and meet people, and fill up my life with awesomeness.” I’d say 2014 pretty much ticked all of those boxes.

This year, I want to get a decent job, doing something I actually want to do. I want to travel a bit more (huge perk of a Monday to Friday job? European weekends.), and see some more of the cities on my list. I want my litmag to do awesomely. I want to work on creative writing stuff, and maybe submit some to litmags. I want to do more conferences, and I want to get some more academic writing published. I want to do more things with direction. I’d say that all of those are pretty achievable, so I should probably throw in a couple of huge, scary ones too. Scary things are great (and really? Not that scary. I promise).

You’ll realize that we all have the same exact fears. Seriously, you aren’t special, and I say that in the kindest and most loving way possible. I am afraid of all of the exact same things that you are afraid of. That guy in line behind you at Starbucks? The woman on her phone at the table in the corner? The barista? Yep, they’re all afraid, too. We’re all afraid that we’ll fail, that we won’t be good enough, that people will laugh at us or gossip about us behind our backs. We’re afraid that we won’t be loved. We’re afraid of rejection. We’re afraid we’ll wind up alone. We’re afraid that we’ll never do the work we’re meant to do. We’re afraid that we’ll give up when things get hard. We’re afraid that we won’t be able to let go of what has happened to us in our past. We’re afraid that we’ll change and succeed and that the people we love will be jealous or unsupportive. We’re all afraid of all those things, and more, pretty much all the time. And that’s okay. We’re all going to be just fine. You’re going to be fine and I’m going to be fine and that guy in line behind you in Starbucks is going to be fine too. Stop waiting for the fear to pass, because it won’t. Step up, remember how badly you want what you want, and just get the fuck on with making it happen. ((from a life less bullshit))

I LOVE Gala Darling’s post on how to set amazing goals, and her updated one: Get it done, girl! If you do have resolutions, you only need 13 minutes to start achieving them, according to Nicole Antoinette. You should read all of those posts, because they’re great.

So there you go. Aim yourself at the things you want, and go get them. I think 2015 is going to be excellent.


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