Scottish Ballet : The Nutcracker

I was lucky enough to be invited to a special viewing of the final dress rehearsal of The Scottish Ballet‘s The Nutcracker. Having seen The Scottish Ballet before, when I went to see Romeo and Juliet back in May, I was pretty stupendously excited when the email popped into my inbox. I met up with fellow blogging lovelies, Lynne, Lynsey, Gillian, and Rosie, and we headed out of the cold, into Edinburgh’s Festival Theatre for sparkly wine, mince pies, and a chat with Miriam, the Scottish Ballet’s Education Officer, about the new production.


(image courtesy of Scottish Ballet)

Peter Darrell’s original choreography has been recreated using the Benesh notation from his 1973 production, and the skill of all of the dancers, the set and the costuming were utterly breathtaking. Let’s just have a look at the costumes for a second…


(image courtesy of Scottish Ballet)


(image courtesy of Scottish Ballet)


(image courtesy of Scottish Ballet)

So, so gorgeous.

We saw the Prologue, where Clara’s family put on an amazing Christmas party, attended by beautifully dressed Victorian ladies, impressively sideburned men, and mischievous children. After the party, Clara dreams about the Nutcracker Prince, and watches as he and his team of Nutcrackers defeat the Mouse Army and the Rat King. After the battle, Clara is whisked away in a sleigh to the Land of Ice and Snow, where the the Snow Queen and her snowflakes come to life and dance the most stunning snowstorm I’ve ever seen. We didn’t get to see the second act, where Clara goes to the Kingdom of Sweets and meets the Sugar Plum Fairy, but if the first two are anything to go by, I very much doubt that it would be disappointing.



The Sugar Plum Fairy in rehearsal (image courtesy of Scottish Ballet)

I’m definitely going to try to get tickets for the show whilst it’s at the Festival Theatre (it opens this Saturday, the 13th December, and runs until Saturday 3rd January), both to see the Sugar Plum Fairy, and because I imagine that in a full theatre it would be even more magical. Where we were sitting, the floor was strewn with confetti, and the stage was snowing when the snowflakes danced. It was really, really beautiful, and I would love to see the entire thing. Tickets start from just £13, and go up to £42.50 for premium dates/seats.

(DISCLAIMER:  I was invited to the dress rehearsal of The Nutcracker by the Scottish Ballet. All writing and opinions are, as ever, entirely my own!)


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