His Girl Friday

This post is going to be equally split between how dashingly handsome Cary Grant is, and how awesome a character Hildy Johnson is. Oh yes. Dave and I watched His Girl Friday last week, and I loved it. I’d not seen it before, and it’s on Netflix, so we thought we’d give it a go.

girl friday bar

Grant plays recently divorced newspaper editor Walter Burns, and the movie starts with his ex, Rosalind Russell’s Hildy Johnson, visiting the paper offices to tell him of her engagement. As his star reporter, Hildy is adamant that’s she’s giving up the journalist life to start a new life in suburbia, but of course, a did-he-didn’t-he murder case comes up, and Walter convinces her to write just one last story…

girl friday one

It was great, a proper classic Hollywood screwball comedy, and I love that in the original play, Hildy was another of the newspapermen. Director Howard Hawks’ decision to make Hildy female is, I think, pretty awesome. Obviously, I would watch ninety minutes of Cary Grant reading the phonebook, and he gets some pretty hilarious lines in this (and most of the best were adlibbed), but Russell gets some really great one liners (for instance, this one – Bruce: I like Walter; he’s got a lot of charm. Hildy: He comes by it naturally, his grandfather was a snake.”).

It’s great; go watch it!


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