Hotel Not Hotel, Amsterdam


In our bids to outdo each other on hotel choice, Dave had booked our Berlin hotel virtually on to of Checkpoint Charlie. With no way to beat him on location, I booked brand new Hotel Not Hotel for us to stay in Amsterdam. On check in, we were given a tour of the hotel, and told some of the story behind it. Created by three young guys, all of the rooms are housed inside different little creative spaces. The rooms are very basic, because the idea is that the entire hotel is your living room. It had only been open a few weeks when we stayed, and was pretty quiet, but I can imagine this being somewhere everyone would recommend.

Our secret room was upstairs in the library, behind a bookcase stuffed full of fairytale novels and Penguin Modern Classics (yay!), and the balcony had oversized Chesterfield sofas and typewriters on little tables. It was lovely. The bed was comfy, and I loved that we got a duvet each – Europe, you just make sense. Ha.



We had a bit of a nose around at the other rooms, especially intrigued by the tram. It was one of Amsterdam’s older trams and was turned into a hotel room, where it now acts as the centrepiece for the ground floor of the hotel.

The bathrooms were communal, but were little cabin rooms, with mirrors and sinks and plug sockets in the shower rooms, so didn’t feel “communal” at all, other than that they weren’t in the rooms.

It is a bit of a walk from Amsterdam Centraal station, and getting to/from the airport is much faster via Lelylaan station, but you don’t get to see the centre of the city by going that way. There are super detailed directions on the website.

The staff were all lovely, and we happy to give us maps, food recommendations, and touristy information. I’d definitely stay here again, especially if I was going to Amsterdam for more than just one night, so that I could have a bit more time to browse all of the bookshelves!


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