Daluma, Berlin


Two weeks later, I’m still having Daluma cravings, because honestly, if I could eat like this in Edinburgh, I would be a raw vegan foodie in a heartbeat. This might actually have been the best lunch I’ve ever had. I honestly can’t recommend it highly enough.


Our food looks amazing, right? The idea is that there are four bases and four toppings, and you combine them however you’d like to create your lunch. They have all of the options as takeaway too, which I imagine is dangerous for offices in the area. I had the rice base with a tomaten topping, and Dave had quinoa with mandell-limetten topping. Part of the appeal, I can’t lie, was that even though the menu was super detailed, we had almost no idea what anything actually was, so opted for the two toppings we could decipher the best. Dave admitted that there was something really nice about being able to order anything on the menu without having to dissect it to see if it would be vegan.

We decided that if we were going to health it up, we should do it properly and have smoothies too, so it was back to the menu…

Dave went for a spinachy Green Giant, and I had the Dr. Feel Good, and they were both awesome. I’m going to rave about this place forever, and I’m honestly debating a trip back to Berlin to stay in Mitte so I’ll have an excuse to eat there for the entirety of my trip. I’ve got it pretty bad, I think.


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