Sun Day Burgers, Berlin


When I was researching vegany places to eat in Berlin, two kept coming up: Neukolln’s creperie Let It Be, and Markthalle Neun‘s SunDay Burgers. We didn’t make it to the former, but SunDay Burgers was… amazing.

We headed off to Kreuzberg at lunchtime-ish on Tuesday, going along Oranienstraße and finding some very awesome bookshops on the way. The market hall was pretty easy to find, and I’d imagine that if you’re headed there on one of the busier market days (Thursday is the street food market, and they have a breakfast market on a Sunday, from what we could work out), it’d be even easier. Turns out that we were there just on time, as the stalls were all just about open, and tucked into a corner was SunDay Burgers, with its pink and gold signage. We ordered two burgers with everything, and smoothies. I had one that was carrot, apple, and orange, and Dave opted for a special pumpkin one. Honestly, this might be the best burger I’ve ever eaten, and it was made of tofu.


Yep. That’s totally vegan, and enormous, and tasted incredible. It was marinated tofu, beetroot, tomato, alfafa sprouts, other salady bits, and sauces. And because we’re piglets, we’d said yes to all the sauces, so we had a mixture of chili-chipotle, peanut-coconut, and mango chutney. It was absolutely delicious.

(I have to mention Shake Guac & Roll and Stil in Berlin in this post, because I spent a ridiculous amount of time reading their blogs and making lists of places I wanted to eat. Ha!)


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