Thriller Live!


After a day of trekking up hills, wandering around the city, visiting museums, and trying not to get rained on, Sarah and I headed out on Monday evening for dinner at Ting Thai Caravan followed by a quick dash around the corner to the Festival Theatre to see Thriller Live!

We went along with very little idea of what to expect, because I’d purposely avoided reviews of the show – as a consequence, I was surprised by the format of the show; that it wasn’t Michael Jackson’s songs set to a story, like The Queen musical, We Will Rock You, as is imagined, but was instead vocalists performances of the Jackson Five and Michael’s hits, from I Want You Back to Earth Song.

As well as the dancers, and the band, led by Andy Chisolm, there were five lead vocalists, and Alex Buchanan’s performances stood out in particular, to the extent that it was noticeable when he wasn’t on stage. Considering that he’s had no formal training, his voice was incredible.


The first half of the show seemed to struggle to find its feet a bit, but after the interval the show came back much stronger for the second half, with Smooth Criminal and Buchanan’s rendition of Beat It as high points. Both Sarah and I noted that it seemed a bit peculiar that Thriller was in the encore, rather than the main show, especially as it was definitely the strongest performance of the night, complete with zombies dancing in the aisles.

Overall, we had a fun night, and came away talking about how amazing an artist Michael Jackson was.

I received tickets to Thriller Live! to review the show, however, all writing and opinions are, as always, my own!


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