Reading… Pulphead

So, one of the books on my ridiculous to-read list was John Jeremiah Sullivan‘s collection of essays, Pulphead.


I spotted it on one of my charity shop binges when I was back in Essex, and snapped it up, because I’ve read some of his longform writing online already. I read this super quick, mostly because Sullivan’s writing is so good that it’s hard to put down, and I think that good longform writing is like that; you know it’s only short, so you keep going “oh, I’ll just read to the end of this one,” and then oops, you’ve read the whole book. Anyway, if you get a chance to read this, I massively recommend it, but in the meantime, lots of his writing is online. I’d have a read of Upon This Rock, about the biggest Christian rock festival in the world, and Back In The Day, about Michael Jackson. How William Faulkner Tackled Race — and Freed the South from Itself is the first thing I read of his, and it’s so. good.

What are you reading?


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