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So,tomorrow is payday, and I’m going to be very good, because I have lots of things to pay for this month – moving house(!), Polly coming to visit, and Europe-hopping holidays to finish booking – but a little bit of window shopping can’t hurt, right?!  And I do need to look a little bit a house-y things to decorate my new room with…


This print by Sandra Dieckmann is so lovely. I’ve fallen totally in love with it, and I think it’s going to have to be a new home treat to myself after we’ve moved in.  It’s called Ghosts and comes in lots of sizes!  For an A4 print, its £15 plus p+p.

Nouvelle Daily have a great post up about where to buy printable art, so I might have look at getting a few little ones to mix and match. I love this.

I pinned the feather mobile from this post ages ago, and I still love it. The origami butterflies are lovely too.

These skull bookends are actually a DIY, and I reckon that with Halloween around the corner, I might be able to find a little plastercast skull to have an attempt with! Watch this space.

I’ve got a little bit obsessed with air plants over on Pinterest, and I was planning to go to Ikea and buy a big plant for my new room, but now I think I might see about getting some cute little terrariums! (And geometric ones would match my little foxy print…. ha!) This is lovely, and the other cute one pictured is from a tutorial I found.

I have the feeling that the blog is going to end up going a little bit homeware-crazy over the next month… you’ve been warned!!


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