The #TBR Stack


I started writing this list just as I finished my dissertation – in preparation for all of the reading for fun I’m now going to do. Guilt-free reading is so, so great. Last night, I had a conversation with Palvashay and Aran about reading (lit student parties are where its at, people), and both Aran and P said that they can’t read more than one book at a time. I’ve never been able to only read one book at a time, because what if you aren’t in the mood for whatever it is you’re reading? Both of them said, “so you do something other than read,” which seems… odd. P said that she thinks I can read six books at a time just because I’ve done it for so long, I’ve trained myself. Anyway, my goodreads currently reading shelf is getting slightly out of hand now. I think I’m going to have to put myself on a ban until some of them are finished. So, in the interest of book-sharing, this is what I’m reading, or planning to be reading, at the moment…

The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis, Lydia Davis
I’m loving this collection so much. Dave and I saw Lydia speak at the Edinburgh Book Festival last week, and she was really great. She read from her new collection, Can’t and Won’t which is definitely on my radar now, and I’ll probably buy it after I’ve finished this one.

The Case for Sanctions against Israel, Audrea Lim
I bought this in the Verso sale, and when I say I bought it, I mean it’s available as a free download, so I popped it in my basket and am slowly educating myself.

Hild, Nicola Griffith
I am so excited to start this. It’s totally different from what I normally am drawn to, and I’m really looking froward to it. Also, Blackfriars Books sent me mead to drink whilst I’m reading, which surely can’t be a bad thing 😉

The Golem and the Djinni, Helene Wecker
Kate recommended this to me a while ago, and I snapped it up in the Amazon sale, but I’ve not started reading it yet. I’m hoping for something Night Circus-y, because I loved it so much, and I’ve heard similar about this. Ten hour megabus next week, this could be the one.

I’ve got another couple on the go too, chiefly Moranthology and little Kindle samples I’m not sure of yet, but I think these four will be next to join the “read” pile. I think people’s reading habits are really interesting; do you only read one book at a time, or are you a book floozy like me? Palvashay said I was voracious. I think that’s a good word.


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