How to Survive the Megabus

I’ve started to get sort of fond of the Megabus. I know, there’s something quite wrong with me. But really, if you do it right, ten hours on a bus from Edinburgh to London can be totally bearable. Here’s how.

1. Take good foodstuffs.

You are on a bus for ten hours. It’s unlikely that during that ten hours you’ll be getting off, even for a five minute walk around a carpark. The majority of my crazy distance bus journeys have been overnight or super early in the morning (because it’s cheaper, with just a halfway stop for the drivers to swap over. Ten hours is a long time with no snacks, people. So; juice, little fruity things, cereal bars. Also, bottled water.

2. Take something amazing to read.

Firstly, please, everybody, read this book. It’s incredible. But okay, it doesn’t have to be this book, I guess. But you want something hefty, but in paperback. Or take your ereader. You could load it up with awesome Verso sale goodies, and spend the ten hours educating yourself. Or get a short story collection, then you can dip in and out of it between naps.

3. Pyjama-like clothes.

Sometimes when pyjamas would be the best option, comfort-wise, they are unacceptable. However, OnePiece have made outdoor onesies a completely viable option. And if anyone looks at you oddly, tell them you are about to spend ten hours on a bus, and they will instantly support your sartorial decisions. I’ve got the super snuggly Marius OnePiece, and it’s awesome and I love it. For bus journeys though, which end in travelling across London on the Tube, the Slim Fits might be a better option, because they look more like outdoorwear. I’ve got a Smooch Onesie in Fall Pink, and its like an all in one tracksuit, rather than a traditional onesie. I’ll do a full post on it soon, but at the moment, its 50% off 🙂 And if you ask me nicely, I’ve got some fab OnePiece discount codes too!
And socks. Always cosy socks.

4. Take a scarf.

Buses are always, always draughty. Where do the draughts come from? Nobody knows, but they’re inescapable. Scarfs can double up as pillows too, in a pinch. Yay.

5. Look out of the window.


Sometimes its nice to just do nothing. And on megabus journeys, you get lots of time to do nothing. You also get to see sunrises, and bits of the country that you probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise. When I was eight hours into a ridiculously long bus back from Glastonbury, dying from having been at Glastonbury, we drove through Cumbria, and it was crazily gorgeous. The above photos are somewhere Northern, early in the morning, and I watched it pour with rain across the fields. It was nice.

So there you go. Easy peasy.


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