Escape Everything!

Some of you lovelies might be familiar with New Escapologist, a gorgeous magazine “for white collar functionaries with escape on the brain”. If you aren’t, go and have a little browse around the blog. This post might help. You can subscribe, and buy individual print or PDF copies of New Escapologist here.


Excitingly, there’s going to be a book version of Escapologist soon! And, even better, it’s being funded through Unbound, which is a fantastic crowdfunding project for books. I’ve got to admit, I think this is a pretty smashing idea.

Houdini! The handcuff king! He freed himself from jail cells, straitjackets, packing crates and — on a particularly beguiling evening — the innards of a dead whale. His sensational act struck a chord and made him famous throughout the Western world, not just for the inherent feat of escape but because of what it represented: liberation from the trap of the burgeoning consumer economy of the 1900s.

A century later and we’re still in the trap. 80% of us hate our jobs yet we reluctantly spend 87,000 hours at work before dying. Some of us even die at work. We also spend 5,000 hours sitting in trains and buses and traffic jams, getting to and from work, and an untold number of hours preparing for, worrying about, and recovering from work. Despite all this toil, most of us are in debt because we’re so keen to reclaim our dignity by buying big homes and then filling them with stuff.

The trap is stronger than ever before but few have the Escapology to deal with it. Many latter-day Houdinis have drawn attention to the trap but few have done anything about it. Since 2007, through the pages of his small press magazine New Escapologist, Robert Wringham has been studiously examining the mechanisms of the trap, exploring the alternatives to it, and collecting stories of escape attempts. Finally in Escape Everything! he shows how we might break free.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we offer you escape. Escape from work, escape from consumerism, escape from loneliness and despair. This book shows once and for all that escape is possible for those who want out.

You can see Escape Everything on Unbound here, and pledges start at just £10 for the ebook, and go up to £600 for ALL THE THINGS. And you get your name printed in every copy of the book. If you’ve got £20 to spare, you can become a Student of Escapology, and you get an ebook and a limited edition hardback copy of Escape Everything. Go on, you know you want to.

Disclaimer: I was asked if I’d like to share the Escape Everything project on {twoninethree}, but this isn’t a sponsored post, and as ever, all opinions and writing are my own. I’ve read Robert’s blog for a long time, I genuinely love the idea of Unbound, and I think Escapology is a worthy practise for everyone – it’s far more exciting, anyway.


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