Catch Up

Well, hello!
I ended up taking a little bit of an unanticipated blog break over the last couple of weeks, because I got to the point where I couldn’t open a Chrome tab that wasn’t feminist dystopia-related without feeling guilty. Finally, yesterday was dissertation hand in day, and now that my gimlet hangover has abated, I thought I’d do a little bit of a catch up/catch all blog post.

img2♥ Most of my time has been spent sitting in front of my laptop with a box of Red Box noodles. It’s the closest/fastest food place to the computer lab. And tofu noodles are good dissertation fuel. Obviously.
♥ I’m so tempted to get a ticket to go and see Slavoj Žižek at the London Lit Fest, and make it into a little megabus trip home.
♥ There are stickers about Barry everywhere. I was so hopeful that it was a terrible/hilarious breakup, but no,it’s (obviously) a Fringe show.
♥ I did have a little dissertation break, and went for lunch with Kirsty to Ricks. She’s my favourite.

img2Blackfriars Books sent me a copy of their new novel, Hild, and some mead! I’m so excited to start this, it looks really great, and it’ll be so nice to read something completely different. Look out for a review.
Ting Thai Caravan had been on my list of food places to try forever, and in a bid to eat noodles that weren’t from Red Box, I finally went there last week. Omgyum. So good.
♥ Dave bought me Caitlin Moran’s Moranthology and it made me snort into my cup of tea.

img3♥ Last weekend, we had a £70 pizza party in the computer lab; thank you 50% codes. So much self loathing went on approximately 17 minutes after this photo was taken.
♥ I started writing massive, colourful to do lists, and by Tuesday I was adding encouraging little messages to myself on them. Dissertations do strange things to your mind, but…

… IT’S FINALLY DONE. And I’m actually, maybe, pleased with it. I don’t think the fact that I’m finished has quite sunk in yet. Eek.


2 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. duckinadress says:

    Ooh congratulations on handing in your dissertation! We saw all the Barry stickers up in Edinburgh too, they were intriguing but not interesting enough to make us Google the show! 🙂 xx

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