A Weekend Off

This weekend was the first I’ve had off work in a reeeeally long time, and Dave & I had booked tickets to see Phosphorescent in Glasgow way back in March. Being as I’m not working at weekends anymore, we decided to make a little Glaswegian weekend of it, kicking off with drinks at the new Ushers of Edinburgh brewpub on Friday night. On Saturday morning, we headed into the Glasgow rain and began what ended up as a very foodie weekend at Stereo, a vegan cafe/bar/music venue/arts venue/nightclub, which had the poshest beans I’ve ever eaten. Dave’s sandwich looked pretty epic, but he inhaled it too fast for me to eat any.


Ushers of Edinburgh // West Nicolson St, Edinburgh
Stereo // 22-28 Renfield Lane, Glasgow

Fueled by tempeh, we checked in at the hotel and dropped off our stuff, and then braved the rain to Kelvingrove Gallery & Museum. Honestly, I think that years of the British Museum, the V&A, the Natural History Museum, and now the NMS have spoilt me for museums, but Kelvingrove was on the more… eclectic side of museums I’ve visited. The Dali was awesome, but then Egyptian “don’t try this at home” messages, beheaded monkeys (I’m still traumatised), peculiar collections of things in cases, and TRY ON OUR FACES just got the better of us, and we left in search of alcohol to numb the photo-journalism pain.


Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum // Argyle Street
Not faces to try on…


… faces to try on

We ended up at Brel in the West End, where I’m definitely planning to go back to eat, because the food looked amazing. It’s on Ashton Lane, which was lovely, and there’s lots of little bars and a teeny tiny cinema. I’ve got a running list of places in Glasgow to go back to now.

Unsurprisingly, we were hungry again (always), so we dashed across the road to the Hanoi Bike Shop for dinner. I’ve never had Vietnamese food, but Dave’s pretty good with dinner places, and he got it right again. Also, its a restaurant modeled up as a Vietnamese bike shop. Cute.


The Hanoi Bike Shop // Ruthven Lane, Glasgow

Stuffed, we hopped on the Subway (I totally didn’t even know Glasgow had a subway, and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen), back to the centre of town, to the Classic Grand on Jamaica Street. Phosphorescent was amazing; really really good, and I’ve never been to a gig venue where the drinks are so cheap. Ha. £2 for a vodka and coke? That’ll do nicely.

Obligatory t-shirt and ticket instagramming

The gig was finished really early at 10pm, because the Classic Grand turns into a club night on a Saturday, so we decided to go for some drinks. We headed back to Renfield Lane, but across the road to The Old Hairdressers this time, where we sat upstairs reading the table graffiti, debating the best and worst gigs we’d ever been to, and crying into our drinks about how old and crotchety we are.

Life advice from The Old Hairdressers

We migrated to the CCA, which is a definite contender for the coolest building to have drinks/books/art/events in. It’s lovely. It made me think of the Barbican. Maybe because of all the vodka. Ha. After the CCA asked us very nicely to drink up (I don’t believe any of this rubbish about Glasgow, everyone’s super friendly and nobody seems to want to stab anybody), we headed back to the hotel where I attempted to explain the premise of Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

Sunday was much nicer weather, and after checking out, we moseyed around for a while, and ended up at the Trans-Europe Cafe, with the Sunday Times, eggs florentine, and banana and cinnamon french toast. Very civilised. Also, maps on the wall and old bus seats as chairs earn it a big tick.

Trans Europe Cafe // 25 Parnie Street, Glasgow

After brunching, we wandered along to Buchanan Street, where some guys (Hi Remy & friend) asked me if I thought drinking cider would be illegal, and then tried to share their cider with me before accosting a busker and asking to play his guitar, and then we headed for the train back to Edinburgh and flat dinner. All in all, it was a pretty good weekend off work. Thanks, Dave 🙂 x


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