Round ‘Em Up : Literary Love

Wow, it’s been a really long time since the last roundup, almost a year! So I think it’s definitely time for one, and I’m going to go back to these nicely themed ones. Unsurprisingly, I’m going for a bookish one. Yay!


28 Brilliant Works of Literary Graffiti. I love the William Blake one, and the Harry Potter is the epitome of true dedication.

This poem by Adriana Cloud made me hold my breath, it’s so good. In fact, almost everything I’ve read on Raw Footage has made me feel like that. Shauna Barbosa’s May 1st poem was beautiful.

♥ I love the Life Sentences essays on The American Reader; The Pleasure of teh Typo and The Genius of the, um, Filler Word.

♥ Elisabeth Murray’s blog is one of my favourites. They Look Like White Elephants: Hemingway, writing and feminism is a really good look at Hemingway’s artificiality and hyper-masculine characters.

As a feminist I am as interested in masculinity and its construction as I am in femininity. They are both central to the deconstruction of patriarchal power. So Hemingway’s representation of war, bullfighting, boxing, drinking, “man in nature,” homosociality is fascinating for me. He somehow manages to interrogate this hypermasculinity while being enthralled in it. As a reader I can see the violence, anxiety, loneliness and impossible expectations of this kind of masculinity and I don’t have to celebrate this masculinity as he does. Being a writer of complexity, he necessarily shows the “negative” aspects of this kind of masculinity, he gestures towards the underlying uncertainties his male characters have. His style itself is reflective of the way hypermasculinity obscures the anxiety it provokes. The spare sentences, focused on external action, simultaneously make us think about what is not being said, what is under the iceberg, what men are supposed to hide and bluff their way through. He is still in love with the façade of masculinity, but as a reader I can see it as artifice in the way femininity is understood in Western culture as artifice.

How do you feel about Nancy Pearl’s Rule of Fifty? I hate abandoning books, but I think maybe she’s onto something. Life’s too short for bad books.

Literary Pet Names: The Canine Edition, and The Feline Edition.

♥ Last month, I read Michael Cunningham’s Flesh and Blood, and it was absolutely incredible. I’m recommending it to everyone, and I’m adding everything else he’s ever written to my to-read list. This article on translation is gorgeous.

♥ Speaking of to-read lists, Rebecca Joines Schinsky at BookRiot doesn’t agree with them. Mine’s more of a mental “keeping track” of stuff I want to read, and my Goodreads TBR is empty, because I use it to keep track of books I have read, rather than ones I’m going to. How about you?

♥ And to finish off: Margaret Atwood tattoos.

Yay for all the book stuff!!


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