Summer’s On at Pizza Express

Last week, I was invited to dinner at Pizza Express to try out some of their new summer specials. Absolutely starving, we headed up to the restaurant at George IV Bridge, and sat in the window to people tourist watch. It’s actually a pretty great spot for watching huge groups of lost, drenched tourists try to figure out how they’re supposed to either get up to the castle, or down to the grassmarket. πŸ˜‰

Despite the rain, we decided to be summery, and ordered the new Hugo cocktails. Made from prosecco, elderflower, mint, and lemon, they’re super sunshiney and went down a bit too easily! Yum.


For starters, we went for classic dough balls, because it’s Pizza Express and you have to, and the mozzarella and tomato salad. It’s nice when the person you’re having dinner with is a garlic butter ‘dipper’ rather than a ‘scooper’. In my defence, Time have decided that all the butter is ok now, so yay!


As I’m now basically a vegetarian most of the time, accidental or not, and the menu at Pizza Express is massively veggie-friendly, I opted for the new Risotto Fresco“Oak-roasted peppered salmon fillet, garlic and parsley in a creamy white wine risotto. Finished with rocket and lemon.” It was lovely. Dave had an enormous Calzone Verdure – “Goat’s cheese, chargrilled vegetables, sweet baby onions, pesto, baby spinach and Gran Moravia cheese with a spicy arrabbiata sauce.” I helped him eat some, and it was really good. We had some polenta chips to share as well, and the honey mustard dip was amazzzzzzing.


Somehow, after a little break and another Hugo, we decided to brave dessert. Yum. Dave had one of the Dolcetti mini-dessert/coffee-combos, and I asked our lovely waiter (who was awesome, and chatty, and recommended all the good stuff!) to decide for me whether to go for a chocolate brownie, or cheesecake. The cheesecake won, and it was definitely the right choice.


After dinner, and utterly stuffed, we headed off to watch Uruguay lose to Costa Rica (sorry, Francis!). The new summer menu is available in Pizza Express now, and they’ve also got voucher offers up on the website, which are well worth checking out!

*Disclaimer* – I was invited for dinner by Pizza Express, but, as ever, all opinions and writing are my own!


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