Fairy Tales & Short Stories

I’ve been reading lots of books of shorts stories recently, and I have been wanting to rave about this book since I read it a couple of months ago, so this seemed a fitting place to do it! I also just bought Alice Munro’s Dear Life, and I’m probably going to take it with me on the Megabus next week.

Anyway, here we go.

9781907773754frcvr.inddThe Rental Heart and Other Fairytales, Kirsty Logan
Buy from: Salt / Amazon

I literally cannot even explain how much I loved this collection. Every single story is just perfect. I love modern fairy tales, especially when they’ve got a bit of sex, a bit of sadness, a bit of love, and a bit of feminism thrown in. Logan’s writing is beautiful, and I’m really looking forward to next years novel, The Gracekeepers, because it’s short-story version here was one of my favourites. I’ve recommended this to everyone, but seriously, it’s so good. Please just go and read it.


maThe Tent, Margaret Atwood
Buy from: Amazon

Margaret Atwood is just the best, and this little collection is no exception. It’s got illustrations throughout it, and it’s versions and retellings of “fictional essays” that are familiar, but not. In a good way. The stories are so precise, some of them not even a page long, and they’re written as a mixture of fiction, poetry, and essays. And, obviously, they’re stunning. I mean, come on…
“Fear is synonymous with the future, and the future consists of forked roads, I should say forking roads, because the roads are forking all the time, like slow lightning. A road is a process, not a location.”
… or this…
“I’m working on my own life story. I don’t mean I’m putting it together; no, I’m taking it apart. If you’d wanted the narrative line you should have asked earlier, when I still knew everything and was more than willing to tell. That was before I discovered the virtues of scissors, the virtues of matches.”


acAngela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales
Buy from: Amazon

This is a collection of fairy tales from all over the world, but more original ones, rather than the Disney versions. It was a birthday present, but I haven’t read all of it yet, because I’ve been dipping in and out of it, savouring (cause that’s the beauty of short stories!). They’re all creepy and brilliant. And the book is just beautiful. Look at the illustrations on the cover. It’s so pretty, and it’s even better in the flesh.


So that’s what I’ve been reading at the moment. Feel free to recommend me some more fairy tales and short stories, I’m on a bit of a roll!


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