Easy Banana Bread

As far as procrastination goes, procrastination you can eat is always a good idea. Comfort eating and misplaced productivity rolled into one! To that end, here’s what I’ve (literally) been cooking up this morning, as my two-chapter deadline looms in the background.


Easy Banana Bread
3-4 ripe bananas
2 eggs
180g plain flour
2.5tsp baking powder
1tsp salt
160g sugar
4tbsp butter
(and if you like, a handful of chopped up chocolate and/or walnuts)

Pop the oven on to heat up to 170°c
Mash the bananas – the more ripe they are, the easier they mash, but I like having bits of banana so I only mash them roughly. It doesn’t really make any difference, just what you prefer!
Sift the flour into a mixing bowl and add the baking powder and salt.
In a separate bowl, cream the butter, sugar, and eggs.
Add the bananas and the flour mixture to the butter mixture and fold together until you can’t see any more flour.
Fold in the chocolate/nuts
Grease & flour a loaf tin, then pour in the batter and shake to even it out.
Bake for an hour-ish, until a knife comes out clean. Leave to cool in the tin for ten minutes or so before turning out.
Munch a big slice with a cup of tea whilst its still warm. Yum. For breakfast tomorrow, if there’s any left, put a slice under the grill (don’t put it in the toaster, it’ll break. Voice of experience.) and butter it once it’s toasted. Or Nutella. Oh man.


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