Girls Day Out in Glasgow!

Some of the lovelies I work with decided that we should have a girly day out in Glasgow on payday, and last week, that’s exactly what we did. We met at Waverley at 12, and after waiting for Bryony’s hangover to subside enough for her to come meet us, we hopped on the train, armed with a bottle of rosé and five plastic cups. Don’t say we aren’t classy.

We got out of the station and watched a woman tip her toddler out of its pram and then run it over. Far funnier than it should have been, oops. Clodagh had never been to Forever21, so that’s where we headed first. I tried on a dress that I wish they’d had in a smaller size (this, but in pastel pink rather than coral) and this, but it didn’t quite make the cut. Ah well. Alex started off her haul, and then we headed into the Buchanan Galleries. Beckie and Bryony bought some perfume, and Beckie got a very fetching beach bag as a freebie, which she then spent about an hour trying to get rid of. Smelling lovely, we headed back into the sunshine, where the drummers were out, kilted and shirtless…


Beckie and Bryony posing with the drummers

Outside Topshop, we were all given some vouchers, although I think only Beckie spent hers. No idea why they were giving them out, but they had photobooths and all sorts too. After Topshop, we braved the enormous Primark, decided it wasn’t as tidy/organised/nice as ours, and spent loads of money anyway. I bought some new fake Vans, because my grey (real) ones died a death at Wireless last summer and I still haven’t got round to replacing them Sarah still hasn’t bought me any new ones. Yay!


Cheers, Toppers.

Alex and I snuck off to Superdrug, and bought nail polishes and eyelashes and lip gloss – the new Barry M Special Edition Polish is LOVELY. So sparkly! And then we went to Lush whilst the other girls went to grab us a table in TGIs.

We went to meet them, and then there was ALL THE FOOD. Oh yes.

And then the waitress asked if it was someone’s birthday, and Alex almost asked her where she worked when she said it was her payday too. Hilarious.


I’ll admit it, this photo is mostly here for Beckie’s amazing facial expression.

We all ate far too much, and then nearly wet ourselves laughing, and stayed in TGIs for hours. Eventually, we decided that we should probably get the train back to Edinburgh, and headed off to the station. It was such a good day, and so much fun. Girly shopping days really do take quite a lot of beating.


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